Apple to Release a Feature That Will Allow Users to Try Apps Before Installing Them

Apple is allegedly considering to release a feature on its forthcoming iOS 14 that will enable iPhone users to try applications without needing to install them.

Discovered in a code from a previous build of Apple’s next significant mobile operating system upgrade, a new API dubbed ‘Clips’ will reportedly enable apps to provide users with an ‘interactive and dynamic content’ before they are installed on an iPhone, as per 9to5Mac.

Apps Are Already Tested

The ‘Clips’ API is reported to be associated with the QR Code reader, which may scan codes that will then open the app on a card. Developers will likely choose which part of their app will be shown on the card, also displaying the option to download the full application.

Apple is rumored to be testing the new feature with a few apps, such as DoorDash, OpenTable, PlayStation 4 Second Screen, YouTube, and Yelp. These apps will probably be used as examples for WWDC 2020, which will be held online.

Google is already providing a few similar features via Slices, which adds segments of apps to search results and Google Assistant, as well as Instant Apps for Android, which are small sequences of an app that are available to launch via a link.

The application of Apple’s Clips feature, in the meantime, is still unclear, as well whether the segments of the apps will only be accessible via QR codes, which is actually what the iOS 14 beta code notes, as per 9to5Mac.

iOS 14 Previews

Apple is rumored to reveal iOS 14 at the WWDC 2020 in June, and besides Clips, earlier reports have unveiled features that iPhone users may get in the upcoming operating system.

The speculated CarKey feature has also been discovered in iOS 14 code, after initially being found in the iOS 13.4 beta. CarKey will enable iPhone and Apple Watch users to unlock and lock the doors of NFC-compatible cars; it was rumored that BMW would be the first vehicle creator that will provide the functionality.

The Cupertino-based tech giant is also said to be developing ‘real’ widgets for the iPhone’s Home screen, in a feature known as Avocado. The new widgets, rather than only showing up on a dedicated screen, may be put anywhere.

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