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Apple to Ship iPhone 12 Without Charger and Other Accessories

The next Apple iPhone 12 will reportedly not have a cable, charger brick, and EarPods in the box. This may be the tech giant’s idea of getting ready for a portless smartphone in the future, but it somehow sounds like a grand scheme.

All eyes are on the heavily rumored iPhone 12, which is set for launch in September. As a matter of fact, the speculations are circulating with the same enthusiasm as they were before the first Apple phone without the headphone jack launched.

The infamous reveal of the iPhone 7 will be remembered as the day when the company killed the whole wired earphones market. After Apple released the port, all other smartphone manufacturers followed suit, which made all audio tech companies adjust to wireless setups.

This time again, unfortunately, Apple is reportedly planning to shake another industry with the iPhone 12.

iPhone 12 to Ship Without Charger and EarPods

The upcoming iPhone will allegedly not have any charger brick, charger cable, and EarPods. All these accessories have been the basics that came with the iPhone all the previous years. Numerous leaks released before suggest that Apple could be doing this for a number of reasons.

First, the decision could have been taken in order to protect the margins on the forthcoming iPhones. New 5G elements and chipsets will be implemented on the device, and these entail price increases. The time of such a crisis we currently go through is not the best to increase the price tags; hence Apple is allegedly removing accessories to save its margins.

Second, Apple may be assuming that most buyers already have an existing power brick and Lightning cable. Therefore, shipping these accessories and might be useless for users, including the fact that not including them into the box will control e-waste produced across the world.

Lastly, the idea with the lack of accessories may be the company’s preparation for a portless future of technology.



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