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Apple TV+: Is It Worth Your Money? Find out with These Shows

Apple TV+. The question is simple: should you get it? Are the shows worth your time, or not? Is this streaming service going to replace Netflix or Amazon?

We are here to tell you a bit about the shows on this streaming service. Are they worth it?

The Morning Show

This is an Apple original, and it comes with two great things. The trio is amazing: Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Steve Carell. Then we have the timeline. We are talking about the Matt Lauer Story basically, with the story of a breakfast TV show that has to deal with accusations of sexual impropriety. The themes are important here, not really the characters.

Should you get it for The Morning Show? Yes.

For All Mankind

After First Man and The First failed, we didn’t really believe that another story about an astronaut is worth it. However, For All Mankind is different, and better. The timeline is set in a world in which the USSR beat the US to the moon, and we can now see the impact. Ted Kennedy is so moved by this failure that he cancels the trip to Chappaquiddick. We also meet the story of the first female astronaut to get into the space race.

Should you get it for All Mankind? Yes.


See is a sci-fi series that’s about an alternative future, where everyone is blind. There’s also a privileged aristocracy somewhere over there, that lives in an abandoned factory, which does all kinds of weird stuff. The show is bad. You can even see the cast knowing the show is bad.

Should you get it to See? God no.

The Elephant Queen

This one is a documentary about an elephant. Just a documentary about an elephant. A simple elephant. That’s it, it’s just an elephant.

Should you get it for The Elephant Queen? Well, if you like elephants that much, sure.



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