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Apple Watch Series 6 Rumors – Release Date, Features, and Other Details

Apple’s line of watches has been quite popular, with millions of buyers across all over the world. The fifth version was a hit among fans, but many are already looking forward to the release of the next model, Apple Watch Series 6, which should offer even more exciting features.

It is unlikely that the next Apple smartwatch will be announced soon. Still, the internet is already hard at work, with exciting discussions about the possible improvements and changes related to the device.

Possible price and release date

During the last four years, Apple released its new Apple Watches in September, and this trend will likely remain the same for 2020. Some voices argue that it could debut on September 8 or 15, with a few days between the announcement and store availability.

The price should remain on par with that of the Apple Watch 5, starting at $399. One must take into account the possibility that it may be more expensive, but only time will tell.

New features and specs

One of the hottest rumors is related to the implementation of a new panel type. While the Apple Watch 5 sports an excellent OLED panel, it is theorized that the Apple Watch Series 6 will come with a microLED screen that should offer a superior battery life.

A reliable source also claims that the new panel will also offer support for Touch ID. According to a leaked patent image, the company plans to move the internal wireless antennas on to the strap to make more room for other components.

Besides a fingerprint sensor, Apple may also cram a bigger battery for the device. However, the change would hamper the manufacturing of third-party straps while also increasing the cost for the ones offered by Apple. Native sleep tracking is another feature that could make an appearance and would make it more competitive.



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