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Apple’s AirPods Pro Will “Cancel” the Noise Around You

It seems that the fans of Apple’s wireless earbuds can become even happier these days: the company has just released its update of the headphones, AirPods Pro. The feature that everyone wants to get is the noise cancellation, which brings the wireless earbuds in the same line as other flagship devices, such as the earphones from Sony: WF-1000XM3.

They will hit the market on the 30th of October, and they will cost £249. These earbuds will also come with a wireless charging case. They are water-resistant and sweat-resistant, and they cost £50 more than the old AirPods that had wireless charging.

When it comes to power, we should mention that the Pros have a lower performance time – of 4.5 hours, in comparison to the older AirPods’ time, 5 hours.

The AirPods Pros use two microphones in order to remove background noise. A mic placed outward can detect external sound and the environmental noise, and there’s also a second inward-facing mic that listens towards the ear. The noise cancellation software adapts to the sound signal 200 times per second.

There’s also a new redesign. The company wanted to improve the design of the earphones since they released AirPods 2, back in March. The “stem,” that’s coming down from the bud on this new version is shorter, which improves the overall look. Because of this redesign, the wireless charging case is shorter than the old version.

AirPods Pro also comes with the standard one-size earbud shape for three different sized interchangeable silicone tips. This is apparently more comfortable. However, it’s not guaranteed, because some silicone ear tips are more comfortable than others. We just have to wait and find out.



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