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Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro Shows What the Future Prepares for Us

We have all learned about Apple’s redesigned iPhone 12. But some users might spend more than they intended on this. There might be some new additions to the iPhone 12 Pro.

Rumor has it

An Apple insider has revealed that the company will get its iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max models 6GB RAM – that’s about 50% more than their predecessors had, and it should come with excellent multitasking performance. Also, Jon Prosser has also talked about this matter, stating that he can confirm it, as well. But there is one teeny tiny thing to keep in mind.

Insiders stated that both iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Max will get the same 4GB RAM as in the iPhone 11. Apple has given all iPhone 11 models matching chipsets and RAM, so it’s a bit weird that the company has changed its mind after one single generation – iPhone XR had less RAM than the iPhone XS.

If you want the best performance from the new iPhones, you will have to spend a bit more this year. We know it’s Apple who decides to get their iPhones less RAM than Android, which has proved to be way better in multitasking speed tests.

The future looks good for the iPhone

The iPhone 12 model will not be slow. The company’s new A14 chipset will bring the biggest generational leap in years. The iPhone will come with a price/performance ratio very different than what we’ve seen so far in a device this small, and the iPhone 12 Pro models will come with the new LiDAR sensor and 5G, so we are clearly seeing something bright for the company in the future.




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