Apple’s Siri Voice Assistant Will Get Upgraded Soon

It seems that the tech giant is looking for the next acquisition. Apple frequently chooses artificial intelligence startups to boost up Siri’s skills. But this time, things are different. The iPhone manufacturer acquired an AI startup dubbed Voysis. Apple could turn Siri into a more conversational tool.

Apple Gets Voysis for Siri

Voysis is the latest addition acquired by Apple after the weather forecast app Dark Sky. It is still unknown how the tech giant will be using the new technology, according to the Bloomberg report, the first to report Voysis. The AI startup’s tech comprises processing natural language with software that needs minimum space on a device.

In this case, Apple could incorporate Voysis into Siri to turn it more similar to Google Assistant. The newest iOS 13 came with a significant change. Siri’s voice got more natural, but it still struggles to understand the context of the inquiries. Siri works only if your questions are phrased in a certain way.

More About the Upcoming Features of Siri

Bloomberg also checked the Voysis official webpage right before it shut down. It reported that the AI technology lets buyers demand voice assistants to narrow down shopping search results with different phrases. For example, “I need a new TV,” or “My budget is under $1,500.” Incorporating the Voysis technology, Apple could turn the Siri experience into an easier one. Users could ask more difficult questions.

Comparatively, Google Assistant can understand the context much quickly and better than Siri. Of course, Siri’s skills have been improved since Apple first released the virtual assistant in 2011. Yet, Siri struggles and was left behind Alexa and Google Assistant.

For many reasons, such a thing is due because Apple’s foothold in security and privacy, according to some reports. Until Apple releases any official statements about its latest acquisition and plans, we can only hope for the best from Siri.

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