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Aptoide Update is Available With Enhancements

Aptiode is a software marketplace app that offers users numerous stores, each with their own. While most Android users get their apps and games from the Google Play Store, mostly because the store is provided by default on a large number of mobile phones, Aptiode is one of the best alternative options users can get.

The Play Store does offer a massive amount of content, and Google got used to advertise it as the only source of apps and games because its content is curated by the company and also checked to be safe. Still, Android is an open OS, and users have the possibility to get and use apps from other sources. To install apps from external sources, you can enable the option ‘Allow Installation From External Sources’ from the settings menu.

Many applications and games that are not downloaded from the Play Store are usually available in other shapes and versions that can be downloaded from a number of websites, such as We should note, however, that you must make sure that the source you’re going for is reliable because, in some cases, third-party platforms offer modded apps and games that are filled with malware.

Aptoide Update Comes With Improvements

Aptiode is a great alternative online store that provides users with the option to download numerous apps and games in a smooth way. There are many developers that love the app since it comes with the possibility to create a hands-on store that can be used to advertise your content.

Some have claimed that Aptiode is not as safe as Google’s Play Store, but that is rather false. Although the platform doesn’t have the Play Protect feature, which scans apps in real-time in Google’s service, all the files it provides on the store are verified before they are released. Also, the Google Play Store had had its history with hundreds of malicious apps that went online undetected and infected ​hundreds of thousands of mobile devices before they were removed. Aptiode is currently collaborating with a few smartphone manufacturers to offer content for their marketplace.

The developers are releasing regular updates for the store, which keeps it safe to navigate and use, as well as fresh. The latest roll-out, Aptoide update, doesn’t bring any new features but comes with overall improvements in performance and bug fixes.



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