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Are We Getting an Online Version for the Sims?

EA has teased the possibility of online play for The Sims series. The team behind the game stated that “social interaction and competition will start to become a part of The Sims experience in the years to come.” We’ve heard this during an EA earnings call, in which Andrew Wilson, the CEO, was asked about the idea of online gaming for The Sims.

He stated that The Sims will turn 20 years old and that the community enjoys comparing their creations in the game. Then they started to talk about the game for a new generation, and how some aspects of The Sims Online should actually be part of the series in the long run.

Maxis keeps imagining The Sims as a new generation across platforms. If the team goes on with their tactics, by staying focused on self-improvement, by being motivated and keep creating amazing things – which we were also able to find in The Sims Online, then The Sims experience will still be alive many years from now.

If we are to think about it, this game does not have any real competition out there, and when it also comes with delivering the team’s motivation, the game will grow even more in the following years.

The team also stated that through the “new generation,” we should not understand that they are working on The Sims 5. Perhaps they are finding new ways for The Sims 4 to be played – but let’s be honest, the game is very popular, and it will probably be supported with new expansion packs.

They also added the idea of “platforms in a cloud-enabled world,” which might be a stress for the fact that players will not have to be stopped by the restriction of having a specific console or PC to play the game.



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