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Arson Attacks Were Carried on 5G Masts Due to Their Association With Coronavirus Spread

Three arson attacks on 5G masts were reported to have taken place in the United Kingdom during the past week, as per CNBS and other journals. The reason for the torching is said to be a theory that says 5G radiation is responsible for the spread of the novel coronavirus.

YouTube has also started to remove any content that related to this, The Guardian says, but it has actually already taking action against numerous other issues discussed on the platform for a while now, with numerous people stating that the right to free speech and opinion is now being ruthlessly dismissed.

The high wave frequency of 5G has been condemned in the last few years, with more than 230 scientists from over 40 countries expressing their ‘serious concern’ regarding the exposure to the radiation back in 2017 in a 5G Appeal to the European Union that warns of the potentially serious health issues the network is causing.

An international appeal was made in 2015 as well, ahead of the aforementioned letter, also concerning the serious health effects 5G was proven to have on the human body. However, most people say that electromagnetic radiation the future mobile radio standard emits could not be sufficiently proven.

Theories Say 5G is Linked to Coronavirus

Recent theories say that the installation of numerous 5G towers all over the world is responsible for the serious spread of coronavirus because the radiation makes human cells more vulnerable to the virus.

Another theory says that the novel pandemic has been created to cover up the health damage produced by 5G radiation. Back in 2019, a multitude of 5G radio masts were installed in Wuhan, China, and then all over the country, which led people to link the outbreak to 5G.

The prior week, there were three arson attacks on 5G masts in Birmingham, Liverpool, and Melling, U.K. The 5G towers that were damaged belonged to Vodafone and British mobile company EE Limited.



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