Artificial Intelligence Might Delude Us Into Thinking That We Have Found Alien Life

Artificial intelligence might make us believe that we discovered any proof of alien life, some researchers have suggested. Also, computers could be likely capable of finding patterns as proof of extraterrestrial communities, according to new research.

Humans, too, could be fooled into believing the species exist. Artificial intelligence is known as a breakthrough technology that runs for searching extraterrestrial intelligence. It is utilized to classify through massive amounts of glimpses to identify “technosignatures” or any signs of alien life.

The new finding indicates that humans could get enthusiastic about possible sightings detected by AI. But that’s not the whole story. Researchers explained how people would only understand that the results are insignificant, some accidental structures on alien planets.

The research utilized a specific configuration on Ceres. The cosmic feature, identified as a dwarf planet, got scientists very excited when they discovered it.

The story of the artificial intelligence and alien life on Ceres

Ceres is a small planet situated in the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars. Also, it was the subject of some frenzied rumors after scientists caught glimpses of bright lights glowing on its ground.

All the speculations were shortly clarified when NASA’s Dawn mission got close enough to Ceres. The space agency succeeded in discovering that those lights were some volcanic ice and salt emissions fragments.

The planet’s ground incorporates what seems to be a square formation within a triangle part, and looks like it had been built intentionally. The finding of the crater, dubbed Occator, conducted some to rumor that an alien community had made it. It is, however, most likely, only an accident of shadow and light on the ground.

Gabriel De la Torre, the leader of the research, stated: “And when the triangular option was shown to humans, the percentage of persons claiming to see it also increased significantly.”

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