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AVG Secure VPN Version 2.3.5042 Introduces New Features And More!

AVG is one of the most popular cyber-safety companies of all time. Therefore, AVG Secure VPN might be a name you have previously heard of.

AVG Secure VPN provides high-quality service, as many reviews recommend it. The subscription costs $3.99 per month, which is decent.

AVG Secure VPN provides safe connections, and it is known to be leak and virus-free.

The company’s service also includes 24/7 customer support.

One of AVG Secure VPN’s pros is that it features IP and DNS leak-free service.

You should consider purchasing a monthly subscription and give AVG Secure VPN a shot, as you might find that it’s just what you need.

Latest Version

The app reached version 2.3.5042.

Here is what the developer says about the new update:

“The new version of AVG Secure VPN brings the following:

– Kill switch,

– more polished design,

– simplified flow for connection rules feature.

Besides, we’ve improved the stability and fixed some minor issues.”

If you turned on auto-updates, the app should have updated quickly. If the app hasn’t done that yet, check its Google Play page and update it manually.

If that does not work either and no new update for the app is displayed on Google Play, you can always manually download an updated apk file to install the latest version.

However, if you choose to do so, ensure that you get your apk file from a verified, trustworthy source. Installing apk files from unknown sources is risky, as it can do irreparable damage to your phone in the form of viruses or, worse, data theft.

Google Play is the best source of apps since many of them are periodically verified, and user feedback says a lot about the quality of an app.



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