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Avira vs. Avast in 2020: Which One is the Better Antivirus?

Surfing among the web these days with your guard down is cyber suicide. Malware, ransomware, spyware, and adware are on the rise, and packing your PC with a strong and capable antivirus is a ‘must’. Don’t rely only on your knowledge for what websites to avoid, as viruses can enter your system by other methods as well.

Avira and Avast are two of the best antivirus software out there, and we’re glad to analyze them today in order to find out which one is better.

  1. Introduction

Avira is a strong antivirus software that also offers a VPN. The protection offered is capable of blocking online threats like ransomware, spyware and malicious websites. Avira can even improve your PC’s performance, speed it up, and accelerate its startup.

Avast has over 400 million users, and there’s no wonder why. Avast is capable of securing your passwords, avoiding fake websites, blocking viruses and other malware, scanning for WiFi weaknesses, stopping webcam spying, improving ransomware security, and more.

  1. Features


Avira is not doing bad at all in this area. The dangers of random WiFi networks or for simply surfing among various websites cannot be taken lightly. For this, Avira offers a compelling solution of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) , although we must say that the feature is available only for Avira Prime users.

Among its highlight, we can also mention a clean-up tool called System Speedup Pro, which is capable of removing temporary files and speed up your PC. With Avira, you don’t have to worry anymore about your apps becoming outdated, because the antivirus is packed with a scanner capable of updating any apps from your computer.

Privacy is also something that Avira is very focused on. The software can optimize how your data is used and even remove privacy cookies.

There’s also worth mentioning that Avira can also offer protection for your smartphone if it’s running on Android or iOS. Avira can even find your mobile device if you lose it or if someone steals it from you.


Anybody is reticent when it comes to installing new software on his PC. That’s where the Avast Sandbox comes in handy, as it lets you test certain apps or open pretty much any suspicious files in some sort of quarantined mode. This prevents the accessed file from interacting with the rest of your computer. Avast will also tell you this way if there is any security issue going on with that file, and you’ll be able to remove it without any risk of infection.

As Avira, Avast also offers VPN protection. You just can’t overlook the importance of using a VPN these days, as you cannot know when you’re desperately in the need of catching some random WiFi signal. Avast also offers a tool for cleaning up files and removing junk files.

  1. Prices

We have to admit that pricing is a very important criterion when choosing the right software. Saving money is always a good idea, as they don’t grow in trees. Both Avira and Avast offer free-of-charge versions, but for extra features, you must pay.


The cheapest and basic version is the Avira Antivirus Pro, as an annual subscription costs $60, and it covers three devices. This will grant you scanning for downloads and emails, privacy protection, top-tier antivirus protection, and a web filter for blocking suspicious websites.

Next-up is the Avira Internet Security version that includes all of the features that Antivirus Pro has to offer, and also access to the Software Updater Pro and Password Manager Pro. Avira Internet Security is worth $13 more than Antivirus Pro.

We surely can’t forget the Avira Prime version, as it’s the best one in terms of quality. It includes all the features of the other versions, and even more. Thus, we must mention VPN protection, privacy tune-up tools, the network scanner, and mobile security for Android or iOS devices. Avira Prime asks for $99.99 per year for five devices.


Avast Premium Security is the cheapest offer, but it’s practically a bundle of two plans. Premium Security Single-Device is one of them, it’s worth about $70 per year, and it offers antivirus protection for one PC for nearly. Most of the Avast features are included, like secure-file encryption, the sandbox testing tool, and more.

Avast Ultimate is the most expensive plan at its demanded $100 per year. Besides the standard features, it offers VPN protection, a password manager, and more.

  1. Customer support

Regardless of how great a program is, customer support is crucial. There will always be different issues occurring, and finding yourself waiting days and weeks for an email sent to the developers is an awful scenario.


Only premium customers can benefit from direct email and phone support. But you can simply access the official website of the service, as Avira offers there detailed info, a FAQ section, and how-to guides.

There’s also the option to post on the community forum if you don’t find what you’re looking for. The staff should respond ASAP because they’re in charge of the forum.


Like in the case of Avira, direct support for Avast is only available for premium users. But if you install the premium trial, you can benefit from Avast’s direct support.

Furthermore, Avast has a huge amount of helpful info and instructions for its users, grouped by different categories. This antivirus also has a support forum.

However, if you still can’t get your desired answers in the case of Avast, Avira, or any other software, remember that there’s always YouTube and the good old search engine from Google.


We believe Avast is better than Avira as it offers more security-related features and extra utilities in its security suites. Avast also puts a minimal impact on system performance. However, Avira is believed to be ahead of Avast for its better malware detection. If the price is a decisive aspect for you, you must take into account that Avira is cheaper than Avast.

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