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Best ​Minecraft Houses to Draw Inspiration From

​Minecraft is the king game of building and exploring. The title is created in such a way that it allows you to do your utmost while building structures, more so in the specifically-designed creative mode, where mining, exploring, or survival doesn’t hamper with your building spree.

There might not be another game like ​Minecraft​, to allow players to explore their creativity up to this level. Therefore, it is not surprising to see there are millions of ​Minecraft​ players who have uploaded videos and photos on the Internet, representing their massively developed builds.

While each of these builds is impressive and remarkable, we decided to limit to only five that we liked the best.

Best Minecraft Houses in the Game’s History

As we mentioned above, even though there are plenty of ​Minecraft​ houses that can impress anyone, we only picked five of them we believed are the most remarkable yet. Here are the builds, accompanied by a depiction video and a short description:

Keralis’ Best Modern House

In this outstanding YouTube video shared by streamer Keralis, the developer gives us a tour of ‘the best modern house’ – in his own words – in ​Minecraft.

The build is created using a new mod and texture packs that improve the overall graphics of the game. Keralis has also given the house a rather modern look by using shades of black, grey, and beige. The build has an infinity pool in the backyard, which completes the look perfectly, making the creation one of the best ​Minecraft​ houses yet.

Minecraft Builder’s Realistic Mansion

Although this popular streamer, ​Minecraft​ Builder, is known for his incredibly gorgeous and well-made houses, this one mansion impressed us the most.

The creation is massive, built of stone blocks, and has a beautiful backyard. The mansion also features beautiful interiors, of which the developer is rather proud. The video below has the creator giving a tour of his epic building, and you should definitely check it out. You’ll be impressed.

Greg Builds’ Wood Cabin

Mansions and modern houses are great, but what about humble wooden cabins that look ported from a tale? Greg Builds has created a deluxe wooden cabin that is a sight to behold.

With a carefully planned and proportionate design, the cabin features a deck, a full basement, and even lofts inserted in the sides of the house. The video below aims to help you also create a similar build, so check it out.

Cortezerino’s Medieval Castle

Every ​Minecraft​ has considered at least once building a castle. If you’re also on the same thought and looking for inspiration, you can watch Cortezerino‘s speed build video of a medieval castle.

The creator has managed to develop a sprawling fortress with lofty stone ramparts and some very good-looking towers. He has extensively used all types of materials, including wood, stone, and brick, in order to create this masterpiece.

MAB JUNS’ Ultimate Oak Survival Base

Last but not least, MAB JUNS‘ ultimate oak survival base is inspired by the fight for survival in uncertain times. If the structure impresses you, you can try and recreate it by watching the video below.

The creator has built a large base, with a structure in every corner. The space in the center of the property has been used to grow a beautiful garden, which is shown in the video below.

Do you have any other preferred builds in ​Minecraft​ we did not mention?



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