Best 4 ToTok Safe Alternatives Available to Download

ToTok was a fantastic app, a free one, for making video calls and voice calls. The app does not exist anymore on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store for some countries. Many people thought it was a spying tool. We are here to give you some better alternatives.


With this app, you can do audio and video calls, all stable, with your friends and family. It does not matter if they are abroad or not. You can also share photos, videos, or texts on your story. Another amazing feature is its ability to share files fast. You can send video, music or pdf. There is a limitation: 10G.


This one, we believe, it’s the best you can get. It’s free, and it uses your internet connectivity, which means that there are no additional costs. You can talk to anyone, even if they’re abroad. The app uses your phone number. You can send pictures, videos, and files fast.


This one was originally made for voice calls. Then it has come with an instant messaging feature. Then, the developers added an HD voice engine for both iOS and Android apps. It is a free app that’s easy to use. It also uses your phone number, like WhatsApp, so no need to think about additional costs.


Line works on multiple platforms and PCs. You can sync your address book. You can also add friends through a QR code, or by Line ID. Or, and this is interesting, by shaking phones simultaneously. You can share photos, videos, and music with your friends. You can also share your location and send emojis and stickers. Another exciting feature is that you can set a time to delete chat history.

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