Best Alternatives for WhatsApp Messenger in 2020

We all know that this is the most popular messaging app on the planet – WhatsApp Messenger has earned its place here. Facebook has bought the app in the meantime, and in order to stay the best, they keep updating it continually. But some people are not happy with it. This, because WhatsApp shares information with Facebook.

But it does help its users a lot. You can send text and audio messages and receive them, as well. It has a growing fanbase, but some people just do not want to use the app. We believe it is one of the best apps out there right now, but if you do not want to use it, we got your back.

We are here to tell you which are some of the best alternatives out there for WhatsApp Messenger.

Telegram: allows you to send big files

This one is one of the best alternatives out there for WhatsApp Messenger. It’s an open-source messaging app that’s mostly used for texting, even if it can offer so much more. Here’s why Telegram is better than WhatsApp. For starters, you can add on a group up to 100,000 people, public channels, usernames, and you can also share files of 1.5 GB. There are also a lot of other features, such as Passcode lock, messages that disappear on their own and, of course, end to end encryption.

Wire: interface? Amazing

Just a short time after it has been released, the app started to grow a bigger fanbase after seeing its beautiful interface and the great features that came with it. We know that most of the apps look similar, but this is something new. Its design is impressive. It also has end to end encryption, and you can use it on multiple devices. Wire also has timed messages, and a preview of links, group video calls, and you can delete messages from the senders side.

Signal Private Messenger: self-destructing messages? Check

Do you know who the owner of this app is? It’s Open Source Systems. This one is the encryption provider for WhatsApp and Facebook. With this app, you get features like screen security and self-destructing messages. All the files that you’re sending to someone through this app are protected. You also get encryption for calls, backups, and data. Because it is so safe, it’s popular among journalists.

Bridgefy: no need for an internet connection

All of the messaging apps from this list need an internet connection in order to work. This one does not. It can help you, especially when you’re somewhere where you don’t have a signal. The app creates a  Bluetooth mesh network that allows its users to send texts to people who are nearby to a certain radius.

It has three types: Broadcast mode, Person to Person mode, and Mesh mode. They can send messages to long-distances by using people as nodes, they can broadcast to a group and send messages to friends.

Kik: it does not need your phone number

This one does not require your phone number, as WhatsApp does. It uses the email id of its users. It creates a new username, and it gets shared with other Kik members. You get emojis, gifs, text messages, video, and pics sharing. It is one of the best alternatives out there for WhatsApp.

Snapchat: great filters, great time

This one is not just a chatting app, but it is also a great addition to the social media platform. We can play games, take pictures, and send messages. The app is very secure. When you take a screenshot, it notifies the user. The messages disappear after a specific time. It also comes with great filters. You can use this one as an alternative – it is so much fun!

Skype: for great businesses

Skype usually deals with businesses, so it might not be for everyone. Being a part of Microsoft means that it is way better than other apps that have the same purpose. People don’t really use it unless it’s for business, so it’s not that popular among teenagers. But we can say, without a doubt, that it is an amazing app to make video and audio calls.

Keybase: sorry, no screenshots

Keybase is secure, so it’s the best one to get if you want to maintain your privacy. It takes privacy very seriously. They won’t even let you do screenshots. There is also an end to end encryption available.

Viber: VoIP standards? Check

Viber uses VoIP standards. You can make voice calls and video calls without a problem, and international calls at a low rate. It also comes with multi-device support. There are also Google Drive Backup and games and end to end encryption.

Threema: no audio and video calling, but “Seriously Secure”

This one caught our attention since it comes with the tagline “Seriously Secure.”  It is safe to say that the app encrypts all the data, all the files, and the status. The problem with this one, however, is that it does not have audio and video calling features. The app is open-source and very safe to use.





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