Best 16 Amazon Appstore Alternatives To Download Even More Apps

The Amazon Appstore is one of the most popular app stores for the Android operating system. It was opened on March 22, 2011, and quickly gained fame since it was made available in about two hundred countries.

The great thing about Amazon’s Appstore is that developers are paid 70% of the list price of the app or in-app purchases.

However, the Amazon Appstore isn’t always the best solution. Some app stores include different apps and might be more suitable for your needs.

Here are some alternatives to the Amazon Appstore that you can try:

Google Play Store

It’s the official Android marketplace for downloading, reviewing, and exploring apps, movies, books, etc. The Google Play Store is swift, reliable, features a vast collection of apps, and, frankly, might be the safest entry on this list. Here you can find Google Play Store alternatives.


F-droid is an advanced catalog of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) apps for the Android operating system.


Aptoide is another excellent alternative to the Amazon Appstore for Android-based smartphones. It has a simple user interface and a lot of apps to pick from. It’s one of the most reputable third-party app stores.

APK Pure

APK Pure is an entirely free APK downloader and installer for Android devices. It allows users to download .apk files straight from the Android market without even requiring a Google account.

Aurora Store

The Aurora Store is another FOSS client with decent functionality and simplicity.

It has an attractive user interface, an ample collection of apps, and an overall good performer.


Fossdroid aims to promote free, open-source software for Android. It takes its core data from F-Droid, but it organizes the apps in a more attractive and straightforward to comprehend manner.


APK Mirror is the creation of Android Police, in the team’s effort to make things easy and fun. They have managed to put together a smooth and stable app store.


AppBrain is a service that aims to select the best out of the apps that are available in the official Android market, and it’s pretty good at what’s doing.


Uptodown is an international download site for desktop software and apps for mobile phones. The website was created on December 20, 2002, and its extended life is proof that it’s an excellent service and is certainly worth a shot.


G-Droid is a client app to browse the F-Droid app store. The main difference between them is the user interface.


AppAgg claims to have “All apps in one place!” since they have more than four million apps available from one million developers.

The AppAgg app keeps its users up to date on the newest sales and the trending apps.

Users can search for apps by name or by the developer.

GNOME Software

It allows users to install and update apps as well as system extensions. It makes use of a plugin system to access software from various sources (marketplaces).


APKUpdater takes app-shopping to the next level. It has incredible functionality, similar to an official, first-party app store, all free of spyware.

Aurora Droid

Aurora Droid is a FOSS client for FDroid and repositories compatible with FDroid, all with an elegant design.


GetJar is an excellent tool for discovering and installing paid apps for free!

It also provides free updates for top apps and games via Credit. Users can earn free Credit by discovering and testing new apps.


It’s the best way to find and download free Android apps for your needs rapidly.


AppsDrop promises to help users find quality apps faster thanks to an intelligent search engine built towards quality apps recommended by experts.

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