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Best Android Apps For Baby Names In 2020

Choosing the best baby names in 2020 has proven to be a tricky task for any parent. There is a wide range of choices available, but the fact that there are so many names that are making the things even more complicated. Luckily, some Android apps can help you.

A common name is one accepted by everyone, while a unique name might raise a series of discussions. Fortunately, the Android users can now use the help of Baby Names apps that will display an impressive collection of signatures. Here is a list of the most loved Baby Names apps of all time.

Best Android Apps For Baby Names In 2020

Baby Names by Nametrix

This free Android app for baby names is rated at 4.2 stars. The app offers its users all the necessary information, such as the origin, meaning, and the pronunciation of its wide variety of names. What makes this app stand out of the competition is the fact that it offers a 100-years popularity graphic, as well as suggestions for names for siblings. The extra features also include choosing the names based on professions, but all of them are part of a pro subscription that needs to be paid.


This app is rated with 4.4 stars on Google Play Store. Should you wish to access its feature, it is available at $2, being incredibly useful for its filter sections. Users can choose the perfect name by applying a series of filters that may facilitate their searches, such as letter, characteristics, meaning, gender, origin, and many more others. In addition to this, all your favorites can be saved; you can even ask your friends and family to vote your choice utilizing the poll.

My Baby’s Name

This is one of the best Android apps for baby names, and it is rated at four stars, having more than 1 million downloads. Keep in mind that it features some ads as well. Future parents can choose from 35 thousand baby names utilizing filters such as the number of characters, origin, and popularity.



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