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Best Android Cleaner Apps to Boost Your Phone’s Performance

​​​The more you use your mobile phone, the more unneeded files it accumulates, as well as caches, junk, logs, and temp files, which are mainly responsible for making your smartphone underperform.

Fortunately, there are numerous apps created specifically for cleaning and optimizing your device. Such applications help you brush up your Android phone from time to time, aid in boosting performance, enhance battery life, and get rid of unnecessary junk.

But, do you need a cleaner app for Android? The short answer is yes. After testing several such applications, we found a few that are the best cleaner build for Android.

Top 5 Android Cleaners – Clear RAM and Boost Performance

Nox Cleaner – Booster, Optimizer, Master

Trusted by more than 50 million users, Nox Cleaner is an amazing cache removes for Android smartphones that also packs an antivirus tool. The app is a full-service solution to enhance the device’s performance by removing unnecessary apps, caches, temporary files, and other residues.

In addition, it has an easy-to-use interface that makes it the best mobile cleaner application for any type of user. Nox Cleaner’s Max Junk is a great cleaner to manage storage space, its Memory Booster does a great job in freeing up space and boosting speed, and its CPU Cooler helps in lowering the phone temperature. The app also has a real-time antivirus and a game booster for a lag-free gaming experience.

Download Nox Cleaner from Google Play Store here.

Cleaner For Android: Phone Booster & RAM Optimizer

With more than one million installs, Cleaner for Android: Phone Booster & RAM Optimizer is an excellent cleaning app that removes caches, logs, as well as other hidden leftovers to enhance the overall speed of the device.

​It offers modules to clear junk, duplicates, boost battery, manage apps and files, speed up gaming performance, hibernate apps, and much more. It also provides users with an Ignore List to rule out apps from scanning, as well as the game boosting tool, with most of the phone cleaners lack.

Download Cleaner for Android: Phone Booster & RAM Optimizer from here.

Clean – Master of Cleaner, Antivirus

Clean – Master of Cleaner also has more than one million downloads, and it is one of the best Android applications packed with a space cleaner and antivirus for the smartphone.

The tool is a great junk cleaner that removes unnecessary residue, caches, and other files that hinder the phone’s performance. In addition, it allows blocking and removing viruses, as well as other online threats.

The app has all the necessary tools to clean, offers a Photo Vault to hide personal images, as well as an Applock to protect and lock various apps, and helps to identify fake Wi-Fi networks.

You can get Clean – Master of Cleaner​, Antivirus here.


Among the most popular apps when it comes to cleaning and optimization, CCleaner is one of the best builds to get rid of surplus stuff on Android. It has over 50 million downloads and comes with a plethora of features to clean caches, remove duplicate files, manage apps, and delete redundant data that slow down a device.

The app even has a great PC and Mac Optimization function with the same name. It frees up space in no time, offers a guide on how to use the app, makes it easy to uninstall useless apps and other products, and helps you hibernate apps running in the background.

Download CCleaner​ for Android from here.

All-In-One Toolbox

With more than 10 million installs, All-In-One Toolbox is a free Android cleaner app similar to Clean Master, which helps users enhance and boost a device’s performance.

Just like the name says, All-In-One Toolbox​ comes with a complete set of functions to help you boost RAM and speed up your Android smartphone. It not only cleans unnecessary junk or cache, but it even declutters your device by managing the apps installed.

It has a photo compression tool to help you recover space, as well as the ability to manage both your phone and SD card. The app boosts changing speed as well and avoids phone overheating. All-In-One Toolbox​ keeps user privacy intact, and it also has a useful ‘Easy Swipe’ tool to access various tools directly from the Home screen.

You can get All-In-One Toolbox​ for Android here.



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