Best Apps to Record Your Working Hours

Working from home is getting more and more common. This idea gets more popular among people with kids, but it includes other categories of people as well. Especially now with the coronavirus outbreak, some people are forced to work from home. When you work for a company, your working hours are set up in a contract and tracked by the company. However, when working from home is a different story. What is the best way to keep track of your working hours?

As you have to respect the working hours set up in your contract, you need to keep a record of them. This article will help you with the best ways to keep a record of your working hours while working from home. We have gathered excellent apps and working time calculators to come to in aid of your situation.

Fast time recording via Excel spreadsheet

Schools are closing down; people might have to work from home, so recording time through Excel spreadsheet is an excellent way to create schedules. You can even download a time recording Excel spreadsheet that you can use offline. The good thing about it is that it is free.

Activity Report is also beneficial when working from home as it calculates the break times as well as making sure that the target is reached. You can also share your schedule with the management team for better planning via Google Sheets. Here’s a couple of apps that you can use to keep track of your working hours:

Best Apps to Record Your Working Hours

Hours Keeper

The Hours Keeper is free of charge app that has in-app purchases if you are looking for an upgrade. The app is handy and not that hard to use as it has an intuitive interface. You can download it on Google Play Store as well as on the Apple Store.


The good thing about this app, besides being free of charge, is the language availability. The app can be used in a few languages, and it is also easy to use to record working hours. Swipetimeshas a few in-app purchases as well, but you won’t need them unless you need more client profiles or projects.

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