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Best Armor Sets in Terraria That Players Should Have

Terraria is proudly presenting numerous armor upgrades available, mostly at the beginning of a new level of the game. However, it is an end for everything, and what happens at the end of the stages in the game? Here you can find a list of the most intriguing armor sets one can get.

Best Armor Sets in Terraria

The Solar Flare

It is mostly used for damaging and attacking because it is very powerful, even though its appearance might look a little innocent. Additionally, it is an incredible shield that protects its players from getting hurt while attacking the opponents. The features it includes are a shield that contributes by reducing the damage by 30% and various melee builds.

The Stardust

This armor set is not as rich in features as the other sets are. The Stardust offers its users a 66% increase in damage made by minions, and it boosts the minion capacity. It usually has a maximum number of 6 summons, but when combined with the Stardust Guardian, it can reach up to 11 summons.

The Nebula

This armor set’s main attraction is magic. That makes it one of the best armor sets in Terraria. This golden appearance, combined with purple shades shield, is offering a bonus as well. When hurting the opponent, there is an increasingly high chance of a buff buster to drop. The boosters increase the effectivity of the armor for 8 seconds.

The Vortex

This armor’s most praised feature is the range, which increases the chance of defeating the opponent by 36%. It is a rare item, desired by most players, available for only 25% of them.

The Hallowed

This set brings upgrades like increased melee damage, reducing mana usage, or increase of speed.

The best advice from the Terraria creators

Do not stick to only one of the best armor sets in Terraria. Great results will be received only when the player finds the best combination for his or her style between the armors.



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