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Best Clash Of Clans Town Hall 13 Attacking Strategies

Clash of Clans players have hopped back into the game with the introduction of Town Hall 13 (Th13) and Town Hall 14 (Th14)​, as the new builds have made the game more competitive. Typically, many fans have reported confusion with regards to their upgrades and strategies when it comes to their Town Hall upgrade.

Questions like what exactly to upgrade, which troop to choose, what strategies to use have been asked many times. This article presents you with a complete Clash of Clans Town Hall 13 guide on attacking strategies. Even though we’re almost a year after the Town Hall update, there have still been numerous questions regarding the 13th upgrade and its strategies, so we decided to explain them here.

Clash of Clans Town Hall 13 – Attacking Strategies

Best Farming Tips and Strategies

Here are our best tips and tricks to use when farming and planning strategies in Th13.

  • Use an adequate amount of resources in the first stages of your Town Hall 13
  • Stay in a lower league, so you get to farm easily – as the dead bases help you get more loot – and save your resources because you’re not getting attacked as much
  • Ensure you use a tank to distract rivals’ defenses and churn loot outside the base
  • Try using a cheaper combo, so you get more loot advantage
  • Avoid combos of Barbarians/Archers/Goblins in a league where dead bases are rare – this mix can be taken out easily in the lower levels
  • Another cheap strategy could include miners and Queen Walk with Goblins/Barch/Minions​ – clear out resource buildings with Queen Walk and use the miners and heroes against enemy units. Have troops like Loons, Hogs, and Giants in your clan castle to distract rivals’ defenses and loot more
  • Giants/Wiz/Goblins or Barch is also a good strategy for farming – sometimes, Giants and Witch provides a balance between Elixir and Dark Elixir, and the balance of troops within resources can get you to farm everything with ease
  • Use the events and reduced costs of troops as you get a cheaper army to raid with
Clash of Clans – Yeti.

Trophy Pushing Strategies for Town Hall 13

If you are pushing for a higher league, use the Yeti/Pekka, Mass E-Drags and Loon, Babylon, GiWiBo (Giants/Witch/Bowlers) strategies. However, after a while, the game becomes more difficult, so planning your attacks in the 30 seconds given is crucial.

There are combos that can be very efficient in pushing, including Mass Hogs, as it targets defenses. Another combination is the Yeti/Pekka smash attack. Still, it is not always you carry the troops, but it is vital to have good troop levels and a strategy to follow. You need to have better heroes, know different attacking strategies, and troop combos in order to advance in the game.

Best War Attacking Tips for Th13

War attacks are very different in comparison to pushing and farming. You have lots of time to think of an attack plan, considering traps and units that you can use. Choosing the right strategy for a base is crucial as one attack plan is not applicable for all kinds of bases, and there are changes you need to consider.

Here are some tips to follow in order to land good war attacks:

  • Always have your war troops and spells maximized for Town Hall 13, as well as some war strategies on place
  • Plan according to your enemy’s base, and change the attack strategies
  • Don’t keep heroes under upgrade or heal for wars
  • Ask pro players for tips – it is a great strategy to refer to other attacks in the clan or on the Internet to gather more knowledge
  • If you are planning to attack a base that’s already been attacked, look up the previous attack and learn more about the traps and the plan
  • Don’t rush troops early – clear distractive buildings with patience and then send your troops inside

War Attack Strategies for Clan Wars

Clash of Clans – Scattershot Defense.

Clone/Dragloon Attack

This attack plan is one of the best strategies, offering the potential of a 3-star attack in the game. It is highly recommended to be used after practice only as it is difficult to carry out the first time. 

Hogs/Queen Walk Combo

Hogs with a 10 level improvement have been used in war attacks lots of times in Th13. It is a good strategy as it uses four heroes that can land an attack efficiently. Use the hogs to clear out defenses as they can escape high damage defenses, and Queen Walk and the heroes to attack bigger defenses like Inferno, Scattershot, or the Eagle Artillery.

Witch/Yeti Attack

Another good attack strategy is the combo of Yeti and Witch, which can get some help from Ice Golems. If you are comfortable with Queen Walks, you can use a Queen Walk/ Warden Walk combo to clear out the exterior units so you can then push Yeti/Pekka inside.

The Laloon

Most players would say this strategy is outdated and ineffective, but in Th13, it is one of the best plans you can use and which has the potential to generate a 3-star attack.

These are some of the best examples of strategies you can employ in Clash of Clans Town Hall 13. It is not necessary to practice these ideas if you have better strategies, but if you’re looking for more ways to land successful attacks in the game, consider these tips we put together.



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