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Best Features of iOS 14; What You Should Know Before WWDC 2020

WWDC 2020 is coming up on the 22nd of June 2020, and Apple will finally reveal the first beta version of iOS 14 to developers. These are some of the features that will get on our hands soon.  

A different home screen 

IOS 14 will probably keep most of its design from the previous versions of iOS, and there won’t be a significant redesign. However, they will make some changes to the interface. Apparently, there’s a new home screen page that will allow users to see all of their applications in a list. You’ll be able to sort them as you want, including with recently opened apps, Android notifications, and smart suggestions from Siri. The company is also working on a home screen widget. So instead of a pinned widget, like the one on iPad iOS 13, the new widgets will be able to be moved around, as if it were an app icon. However, this feature is in the early stage of implementation, so we’re not sure we’re going to get it right now. 

The wallpaper will change  

IOS 14 will also come with a redesigned wallpaper setting panel, which will include default wallpapers, which will be separated by collections. So instead of all the wallpapers appearing together, users will want to scroll through each collection in order to find a specific wallpaper. This will make things easierYou should be able to create wallpaper collections and add them to the iOS settings with the new wallpaper API available to third-party apps. You’ll be able to define a smart dynamic wallpaper, which will be used on the home screen. You’ll get gradients and dark versions and flat colors. 



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