Best Features to Keep in Mind When Buying an iPadOS 14

Having an Apple device might be the best decision you have ever taken. We are here to tell you some of the best features of iPadOS 14. Some of them are also available for the iPhone.

The toolbars and the sidebars

iPadOS did not get the same design that iOS did, but that does not mean that it’s bad. Music, Photos, Calendar, Notes, Files are among the apps that have gotten a redesign with sidebars. These get more consistent navigation, and it offers direct access to more tools and even more info. Apple also introduced new toolbars that placed buttons into a single bar that’s put at the top of the app.

Pull-down menus

Besides the redesigned app sidebars and toolbars, the pull-down menus in the apps have been streamlined. This gives us access to app tools from a single place, to be more precise, from a single button.

The search interface

This interface now takes less space on the iPad. Also, there have been some modifications that allow users to see instant search suggestions, open apps, and websites, or do in-app searches. It’s very similar to what we have on iOS 13. However, it is more organized and powerful.

The compact FaceTime user interface

The incoming FaceTime and Phone calls from the iPhone are quite similar to the ones of the iPad. They are shown in a small banner, which you can dismiss. This means that, if you’re getting a FaceTime call, it will no longer interrupt you and what you’re doing on your tablet.

The compact Siri user interface

Just like FaceTime calls, the interface of Siri is smaller. Siri will not appear on the entire iPad display. Instead, you’ll get a little animated icon placed at the bottom of the screen. The results will show on a banner. You can swipe Siri away, but when its interface is up, you can’t use the display behind it.


This one is the best iPadOS feature, which allows the Apple Pencil users to handwrite in any text field. The handwritten text will be converted to a typed text. There are many useful tools, such as scratch, to delete and circle a word to select it.


Scribble also comes with new features to the Notes app. You can use Smart Selection in order to select and copy handwritten notes. You can copy handwritten notes and then paste them as standard typed text. The shape recognition will allow you to draw a shape (an imperfect one, let’s get real, we cannot draw shapes correctly by hand) and then convert it into a perfect one.

The Safari browser

The team has made a lot of significant improvements to Safari in iOS and iPadOS 14. Privacy tracking allows you to know which websites have cross-site trackers running. There is also a translation built in the app, and you won’t need to use an extension. You can also see tab previews.




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