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Best Five Apps For Solo Travelers

​With everything that has happened, this year is and will continue to be a very different period for travel. With numerous new guidelines across the world, this might be just the perfect time to travel on your own. Traveling alone can offer so many things, such as boosting your self-confidence and giving you a completely new view of the world – which can not be achieved when traveling with a bigger group.

However, things like logistics and safety may be involved when considering a solo trip. That’s why the mobile apps we are going to mention are the ideal solution if you’re worried about dealing with the details and reservations, staying safe, the local language, and so on.

Read on for a list of the best apps that are vital for solo travelers, as they make sure your trip is safe, fun, and struggling-free.


Travello is a social media platform created for travelers only. Use the app to connect with people visiting your destination for advice, suggestions, or a day of touring. You can also share photos and tips, read and leave reviews of hotels and other places, or even book and pay for tours and experiences.

There’s also the option to join special groups for those traveling on their own to certain destinations as well.

You can download Travello for free on the App Store or Google Play.

Travel Smart

Travel Smart provides you with assistance when you travel solo and need to know how much you are required to tip in another country or where the nearest embassy is. It has some handy safety travel notifications and danger spots to help you avoid them based on your location, so you’ll feel secure when traveling alone.

Other features include weather, currency conversion, travel document organization, language assistance, and even some cultural etiquette tips.

Download Travel Smart for free on the App Store.

Hotel Tonight

Accommodation, even if not left to the last minute, can be challenging at times. You definitely don’t want to be roaming around an unknown place at night looking for a hostel with an available room.

Hotel Tonight is an app that offers last-minute accommodation options at a discount. It also offers you the Daily Drop deal page, which is an additional discount valid for only 15 minutes.

You can download Hotel Tonight for free on the App Store or Google Play.


Going solo means you obviously do not have a buddy to share the costs with, so you may be forking out a bit extra. With Tripcoin, you can keep track of all your expenses and budget, as it allows you to add in everything you buy in various currencies.

You also get to see reports, export to Excel, or view color-coded graphs that show you where you have been spending.

Download Tripcoin for free on the App Store.


TripScout makes it possible to filter by destination, budget, and interest, providing you with personalized travel information directly coming from local influencers and bloggers. You can also customize your guide by adding in your travel dates to match you with certain local events.

“If you’re traveling alone, the app will customize your content feed and recommendations based on the fact that you’re flying solo on your specific dates so you won’t have to sift through romantic dinners or family activities or miss unique solo experiences for the days you’re there,” says Konrad Waliszewski, CEO of TripScout.

TripScout can be downloaded for free on the App Store.

​These are our top app picks for solo travelers, and each of them is rather different and focuses on various aspects of such a trip. Feel free to try all of them out to find the one that matches your needs best.



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