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Best Five Games With Female Protagonists

​There is a rather large amount of exceptional games that feature female protagonists. Some popular titles like Tomb Rider, Nier: Automata, and The Last of Us are a few of the incredibly famed games that allow players to experience the gameplay through a female character.

Usually and more often, the gaming industry tends to create male game characters as protagonists, but slowly, female characters are beginning to show up, and players love this. There are numerous mobile games in which the protagonist is a female, and we’re going to mention five of the most amazing ones.


Nordic mythology mainly focuses on heroic acts and adventures. The Norse system depicts the so-called Valkyrie, female warriors who battled in Valhalla, and his title puts you in the shoes of a Valkyrie. The gameplay has the player saving the world from destruction and forging alliances with spirits that help in their quest.

Glitch Fixers: Powerpuff Girls

The game is all about the Powerpuff Girls​ , who saved Townsville numerous times from evil characters. In this puzzle title, you have to fight with villains by performing as little moves as you can. The story is also great, as it makes you handle trolls who want to destroy the World Wide Web.

Lara Croft: Relic Run

Lara Croft is one of those titles that do not need to be introduced. The mobile game is an endless running action game that offers much more than the popular Subway Surfer or Temple Run.

Target Acquired

If you are a fan of Mega Man, Target Acquired would be a great title to play as well. You get to play as Yura Andres, an agent at the Nekomipolis Police Department in her mission to fight evil robots who are producing disaster in the city.​


This title is an amazing platformer game with an amazing narrative. You get to control twin sisters at the same time, as they travel through a region filled with obstacles, and be careful to avoid being trapped.



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