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Best Free Online Streaming Websites In 2020

Considering the current state of affairs surrounding the world, we’ve decided to test and select some trusted and safe to use websites that offer free online streaming.

Numerous websites provide free movies and TV series online, but a lot of them are filled with malicious viruses and malware, as well as pirated content; therefore, not every website can be trusted. We chose a few free online content streaming sites that are legal and safe to use, which you can check below.

Best Free Online Streaming Websites In 2020


Crackle​ was initially an online video website known as Grouper before it was purchased by Sony. Renamed as Crackle​, it is now among the most popular free content streaming platforms in the world.

Crackle​ offers a vast collection of TV shows and movies on its website, along with old sitcoms and classic TV shows, such as All in the Family and Who’s the Boss. The platform is also one of the few streaming websites to provide users with high-quality original scripted content. They have created numerous original TV shows, such as Snatch and Sequestered.

​You do not need to create a membership to use Crackle​, but it is required that you sign up for an account to enjoy free online streaming.


Viewster​, now called ConTV, is a video streaming platform that offers thousands of TV shows and movies. Still, most of the content is comprised of documentaries, independent productions, and anime.

The website also allows access to numerous original web content and short films, as well as popular British shows, such as The Inbetweeners and Peep Show. The main benefit of using Viewster​ is the massive amount of web series and anime it provides, so fans of those genres have at their disposal an extensive collection.

Tubi TV

​Tubi TV​ offers access to thousands of free movies and TV shows from any type of device. It can be downloaded as an app on either your smartphone, tablet, or any other kind of streaming device.
You can sign up into the app for free and also sync your queue across all devices, which makes it one of the best free online streaming websites.

That feature also makes it possible to continue watching content from where you last left it from another device. All the programs accessible on Tubi TV​ are the latest action movies from major Hollywood studios, but you can also find other genres, such as comedy and drama.


Vimeo​ launched back in 2004, a year before YouTube was released on the market. The platform is similar to YouTube as it is a video-sharing website: it allows you to upload your own content. Still, Vimeo​ was initially the first website to support HD videos, and it became a source for independent film developers to upload their content with the world.

The platform offers access to thousands of movies and short films, and most of the content can be watched in HD as it is created by both professional and amateur filmmakers. Vimeo​’s categories include every genre, from comedy to experimental content. Although most of the movies are recent, you can also find older classic content as well as foreign movies.


Film Chest is a media corporation that restores and archives older movies. The website is user-friendly as it has a simple interface, and offers more than 2,000 classic films. Most of the content here is also available on other websites, but these movies are restored by the company itself.

Therefore, most of the content you find on Film Chest​ has a higher quality than what you get on other free online streaming websites. Even though most of the restored content is American movies from the 1930s and 1940s, you can also access foreign movies.



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