Best Google Chrome Alternatives For Private Browsing

We all know that Chrome is the most powerful and wanted browser on the internet. But what if you chose one browser that’s all about privacy? We come with three of them. Here are the best Google Chrome alternatives for private browsing

Best Chrome Alternatives For Increased Privacy


You might tend to believe that Tor might not be for you. But the Tor network has layers and layers of encryption and routing via different locations, and it is actually the best way to protect your identity online. And the browser is quite easy to use.

In May 2019, the official Tor browser for Android hit the market. Then, the iOS and the desktop versions followed. The browser should be used like any other one, and the only difference is that it has advanced privacy options and anonymity features.

Tor is able to block trackers, and it tries to make all the users appear the same. It adds triple-encryption to the traffic, and it avoids the local blocks when it comes to different websites.


Initially, this one was a search engine, which was made as an opponent of Google’s data collecting ways, but since then, the team made a browser out of it. The browsers are available for mobile devices, but not for Desktop.

They use encrypted HTTPS, and they block advertising trackers from the websites that you visit. It does not track your history at all. They also track the websites you visit based on how much they track you.

FireFox Focus

We’ve known Firefox since 2002, and Mozilla, the one that created the browser, always puts privacy first. This browser automatically blocks ads and hidden cookie trackers, and it allows you to delete all the other cookies and browsing history. This is all one button away. They also speed-up your browser.

The only problem with it is that you cannot get it for Desktop. For the desktop version, you will need the regular version of Firefox. Right now, they stopped the development only at Android. They are focusing now on a reinvented version of the browser, called Firefox preview.

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