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Best Google Maps Alternatives in 2020

Google Maps is an excellent app with millions of users across the world. However, despite its robust features and constant updates, some users may want to rely on a different navigation app. Some may not like the fact that Google will use the data collected by the app for targeted advertisements, while others may want a fresh experience.

Below you can find the best alternatives to Google Maps for your smartphone.


OsmAnd is an open-source navigation app that comes with a sleuth of excellent features that make it a trusty companion for travels. A great boon is represented by the option to download and use offline maps, which means that you will arrive at the destination if your traverse a remote area with poor mobile data coverage.

The maps are very detailed, and certain user information is provided, including the state of the roads, the need to pay tolls, and much more. Users can also customize the UI according to their wishes.

It is available for Android and iOS devices.


Citymapper may be a bit slimmer than other apps when the number of features is taken into account, but it’s great at what it does. Its main purpose is to facilitate the use of public transport services across the world, ranging from bus to subway and metro, to name a few. The database offered by the app is updated constantly and also features price lists and alerts.

It is available on Android, iOS, and web browsers. comes with all the features that make a solid navigation app: traffic information, public transportation services, and cycling services besides many more. Offline maps can also be downloaded and used to travel across areas with poor reception or when you need to conserve your battery.

In a city, it will highlight many points of interest, and those who enjoy hiking can take advantage of a collection of popular hiking trails. Once a route or hike has been planned, there is the option to send it to a friend via SMS.

It is available on Android, iOS, and web browsers.


Waze is an excellent alternative to the Google Maps, which is focused on navigation but also includes some fun and useful features. The system was built with interactivity in mind, and users can rely on the information provided by other drivers to learn more about traffic, speed cameras, hazards, and other details. Its popularity allowed it to continue to exist as a standalone service despite the fact that Google purchased the developer in 2014.

It is available on Android, iOS and web browsers

Here WeGo

This app was developed by Nokia and has been favored by many car manufacturers, as BMW, Audi, and Mercedes paid $3 billion for the right to implement the software on their cars. More than 200 countries are supported officially, and the list of available features includes the access to navigation data, important landmarks, and up-to-date information related to public transportation services and expected prices, which are calculated automatically when you select a route.

Several filters are also available, offering data about police reports, Twitter feeds, speed cameras and others.

It is available on Android, iOS, and web browsers.

MapQuest is an awesome navigation app, developed for those who prefer to use public transport for their commute. It offers the option to compare the prices of local transportation services and includes the ability to book trips on ride-sharing apps without the need to download another app. Information about current traffic conditions is provided at a comprehensive level, and it can also re-route automatically if any potential hazards are detected.

It is available for Android and iOS devices.



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