Best iOS 13 Screen Recorder Alternatives

iOS 13 has released on the market the screen recording function. However, it does not offer enough features for its users to explore. Therefore, the Apple Store is offering other screen recorder alternatives to improve your experience.

Whether you need to record using both internal and external sound, because you found an interesting video that you cannot download, the inbuilt screen recorder may not be the most useful choice.

Best iOS 13 Screen Recorder Alternatives

DU Recorder

DU Screen Recorder is a former Android-only app that caught the attention of users, which made it an exciting asset for iOS users as well. The app allows its users to edit the videos by adding text, trimming them, putting background musing or images.

In order to start and stop the record, all you need to do is to shake your phone so that the watchers do not get interrupted as it happens, for example, when Apple users bring down the notification panel.

AZ Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder is one of the best iOS 13 screen recorder alternatives, which is regularly being updated. This app allows its users to add comments and reactions to their recorded videos. In addition to this, the app supports recording games with an additional feature that places your face in the corner of the screen. The video can be edited as well at the end of the recording by trimming any unnecessary part.

Record Screen

Record Screen app is mainly used by gamers who have a YouTube channel and want to record the videos that they are going to upload. The background sound can be disabled, but you do not have the option to add your face during the record. This feature is available only at the end of the recording.

The Conclusion

iOS 13 provides a standalone screen recorder. However, users, most of the time, want more freedom, options, and features. Accordingly, the iOS 13 screen recorder alternatives presented above offer those things, so you can rely on those apps.

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