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Best Minecraft Adventure Maps to Try Now

Minecraft offers a completely new experience with the adventure maps. Closely knit together in impressive and mysterious stories, adventure packs are similar to the DLCs that add to the Minecraft gameplay.​

In such adventure worlds, you are placed on a new map, on which you have to survive whatever plot or quest the world throws at you. Although there are numerous insanely popular adventure maps for Minecraft​, we have picked five of the best ones for you to try out.

Best Minecraft Adventure Maps

Minecraft Odyssey

Everyone loves a great narrative about a hero. In the Minecraft​ Odyssey adventure map, you are the hero of light, and it is up to you now to battle and win against the hideous forces of darkness lurking around, trying to destroy the world.

As the hero of that universe, you will need to pass through each temple in the amp and level up your sword and armor to a sufficient extent so you can take down the minions of darkness.

Castle to None

If you have friends who’d want to join you in an adventure, then Castle to None is the perfect map to check out. A 3-6 player cooperative raid world, the map has an elevated and intimidating castle for you and your teammates to explore.

In Minecraft​’s Castle to None, you need to kill monsters, avoid getting trapped, and loot resources. You and your teammates can either play as a ranger, defender, or support, which is a great feature of the map as it gives you a lot of choices to create your own Minecraft​ story.

The Mystery of Herobrine Series

Rather dissimilar to other maps, The Mystery of Herobrine series is actually a succession of adventure maps that incorporate six different chapters. This map has been planned since 2016 for Minecraft​, as the creator of the world stated, and has launched five chapters so far.

A story that extends over six impressive chapters, the Mystery of Herobrine series adds to your Minecraft​ gameplay with a plethora of boss fights and epic plot twists.

Revive the Planet

This adventure map’s topic is obvious from its name – you appear on a dead planet, and it is now your responsibility to revive it. How can you do that? It is rather simple: you explore every temple on the planet and discover the magic of the five elements from within each one.

Revive the Planet is a map that can be enjoyed both solo or with other players. It is also a great and immersive Minecraft​ adventure map, as it is all about solving riddles.

Mysteria on Island Unknown

Mysteries in Minecraft should definitely be a genre on its own. In this frightening map, the player spawns on an island and suddenly hears a mysterious voice.

The voice talks about ancient abilities and secrets that the island hosts. With just the spirit of adventure in their hearts, players need to explore every part of this island and unlock all its secrets.

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