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Best Rimworld Modes That You Should Try For 2020

Rimworld is a highly appreciated simulation game, which features a sci-fi colony and an AI storyteller. Ever since its release that happened quite a long time ago, the game has seen much interest coming from its players. The most appreciated element of this storyline is the mods that it presents since they can offer you anything you might be looking for in a mode. Here is a list of the best Rimworld modes.

Best Rimworld Mods That You Should Try For 2020

EdB Prepare Carefully Mod

This mode is amongst the best Rimworld mods. The gaming experience has the potential to deliver satisfaction with the help of the additional pivotal feature. During this game mode, the players are allowed to chose their preferred paws, which might seem pretty significant since none of the other Rimworld modes has the potential to offer this for its players.

Colony manager Mod

One of the hardest aspects in Rimworld is the art of micromanaging, since this mode brings many challenges, leaving players frustrated. The colony manager is the mode that helps you to overcome this difficulty by introducing automatic tasks. For example, hunting and forestry will be carried out automatically. In addition to this, you can always assign other managers to deal with plenty of daily tasks.

Hospitality Mod

The Hospitality mod is the perfect idea for those wishing to add mode interaction in the gaming experience. This mod is responsible for creating specially designed guest rooms that will allow your visitors to stay more at your property.

Glitter Tech Mod

Instead of trying to substitute for any need that you might have, you can always try the Glitter Tech experience as it is one of the best Rimworld modes. Offering you cutting edge equipment such as weapons armors or bionic limbs, you will get the chance to encounter the most advanced utensils in the game.



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