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Best Strategy to Deal with the Hardest Candy Crush Levels

For a lot of people, playing a game like Candy Crush is the perfect way of getting through a hard day more easily. You can play it during the breaks, while waiting for the bus, or in pretty much any situation when you need a good dose of relaxation and putting your mind at work.

Although Candy Crush seems a friendly and predictable game, it can sure make you willing to throw your phone out the window due to its hardest levels. Since phones don’t grow in trees and it would be a shame to lose one so easily, let’s see how you can succeed in Candy Crush’s hardest levels:

The game’s designer brings precious info

Rasmus Eriksson, the Senior Level Designer for Candy Crush, is proud to give us the right tips on how to handle Candy Crush at its hardest levels. At level 31, for instance, you have to combine special candies and watch the level blow up. Getting your hands on as many special candies as possible is the key here, and then pairing them up to set off seismic explosions.

Eriksson says:

“You have the colorbomb, for example, the brown candy with the colored dots. That one can affect the entire board. It can take candies from everywhere.”

When it comes to level 190, you must focus on squashing spawners. You have to start by creating colorbombs and trying to match them with other special candies. Second, you have to make sure that you unlock all the spawners at the top. Spawners can introduce blockers like marmalade and chocolate—they’re significantly frustrating if you’re trying to pass this challenging level! For unlocking spawners the easiest way, you just need to use the special candies located at the bottom of the board.

Eriksson also adds:

“It’s a little bit like a toy box, and there’s something there for most people, no matter if you’re a big puzzle enthusiast or you just like to watch some fireworks,”

The advice given by Rasmus Eriksson are more numerous, and he certainly knows what he’s talking about.



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