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Best Tips For A Viral TikTok Campaign

Adweek’s Brandweek virtual event from last month saw marketers from Chipotle, Simmons, and TikTok to discuss what sells well on the platform and what does not.

Sofia Hernandez, head of U.S. business marketing for the platform, worked with dozens of brands to create content that tempts the app’s creators community to build brand recognition and participation.

During a quick presentation at the beginning of the Masterclass, Hernandez accentuated that TikTok lets brands do what they tried to achieve for decades – becoming part of the culture’s fabric.

These are the key aspects you must follow to make sure that you achieve a Viral TikTok campaign:

Knowing Who You Are

According to Hernandez, brands must spend some time on the platform to determine what works best.

Chipotle made a TikTok that showed fans step by step videos of how the restaurant’s white rice is made, and it registered 8.6 million views.

Finding And Engaging With Your Superfans

For Chipotle, engaging with super fans was easy. They introduced a challenge known as the #ChipotleSponsorMe challenge, where you could submit applications for a Chipotle celebrity card that offers free Chipotle for a whole year.

Chipotle took its time to pay attention to fans of the app, being careful about what they have to say, which improved engagement and boosted loyalty to the brand.

“It’s not about likes, it’s about creating engaging and entertaining content,” said Hernandez. “That’s how you should think about your brand really playing and existing.”

Perfection And How It’s Now Worth Waiting For

Most participants referred to the importance of trying new things and being okay with a tad less polish than many would like.

Brands must trust the community to engage with them on their own terms, regardless of how well-polished they are.



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