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Best VPN to Use for TikTok and WeChat

Although TikTok and WeChat are among the apps banned by governments from India and the US, there are some ways you can bypass those restrictions. Those who are in love with the previously-mentioned apps must know that the bans only stop users from downloading them from the online stores. You can still use TikTok and WeChat with no problems if you already have them installed.

Obviously, only a VPN can save the day and overcome the ban. But the ultimate question arises: should you choose a paid VPN or one that’s free of charge?

Paid VPN recommended

You shouldn’t aim for a free VPN for several reasons. First, surely you know already that a paid service is almost always superior to one that’s free of charge. There’s really no use being stingy for a few bucks.

Second, free VPNs have proven themselves over the years to be riskier when it comes to both privacy and security. As it changes your IP address, a VPN routes your traffic through its VPN server before it goes to the destination (like TikTok or WeChat). Therefore, the VPN can log what you do and even alter what you see.

If you’re also not a fan of being flooded by ads and getting your bandwidth sold, there you have two more reasons to avoid free VPNs. Such pieces of software had been caught in the past for plenty of times as they were doing these unorthodox deeds.

TikTok has been downloaded not less than 611 million times in India, which means around 30 percent of the app’s worldwide downloads. As for WeChat, this app surpassed one billion worldwide users in 2018. Today, WeChat is among the leading social networks in the world, ranking fifth in the number of active users.



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