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Best WhatsApp Web Tips to Hide the Blue Tick

If you enjoy using WhatsApp to keep in touch with your friends and family members, then you are going to love WhatsApp Web. This is an enhanced version of the chatting app and what makes it stand out is the fact that it introduces a bunch of new features that and that it can run on computers. The large number of features that WhatsApp Web offers can also be a problem because it makes it difficult to master the app. Here is where we come in. Today we are going to present a useful trick that will show you how to hide the blue tick that is telling people you read their messages.

How to Hide the Blue Tick in WhatsApp Web

  1. The first step is to open WhatsApp Web on your PC
  2. Now, open a Notepad file and adjust the size until you can see WhatsApp Web in the background
  3. Click on the Notepad and don’t move the mouse cursor
  4. After doing this, all the messages that you receive via WhatsApp Web will not feature the blue tick to signal that you have read them

Instead of showing the blue tick, your WhatsApp Web conversation will now feature double grey ticks. This will show to the person who is chatting that you have received the messages and that you haven’t opened them yet. After you finish reading the messages, simply click on the WhatsApp Web window and the grey ticks will transform to blue.

Final Words

This is one of the most useful tricks that you can learn for WhatsApp Web. However, there is a downside to it. The problem with this trick is the fact that you can only read a single conversation while preventing the blue tick from appearing.



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