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Beta Version of WhatsApp Launches With Dark Mode for iOS

The long-awaited dark mode on WhatsApp for iOS might finally get to an endpoint. All iPhone users who installed the latest beta version of WhatsApp through Apple‘s TestFlight platform are now able to access and use the long-requested feature.

The feature was highly requested also because it makes using phones easier for the eyes and more comfortable. The news, as it usually does, has been surfaced by the reliable reporters at WABetaInfo via MacRumors as the latest build, WhatsApp beta update, has rolled out.

The beta requires iOS 13, which means that only users of the iPhone 6 or later are able to access it. This new version comes with some critical enhancements compared to the previous installments of the beta.

First of all, users will no longer see the battery drained to within an inch of its life while utilizing it. The new beta build also complies with Apple’s system-wide dark mode settings, which means that if you are enabling the dark mode across iOS 13, WhatsApp will automatically switch to the mode as well.

The Dark Mode Can Be Configured

The start-up screen has also changed as it is now black, and has the logo depicted in white, with the ‘From Facebook’ notification that annoys everyone. The wallpaper and chat icons now provide some darker colors. As per the report, there is also the option to lighten up the Dark Theme if the contrast settings are revised in the device’s settings.

Here’s what the WABetaInfo report said about the new beta version:

“WhatsApp for iOS also supports a second configuration of the Dark Theme. You can choose to enable Increase contrast in your iPhone Settings in order to enable the second configuration, that uses lighter dark colors for some UI elements.”

There is still no information as to when the feature will be officially available to all users, but there isn’t much time, for sure, until we’ll be able to use WhatsApp at night in a comfortable and eye-friendly manner.



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