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Beware Of WhatsApp Gold! Infecting Your Phone

WhatsApp Gold is a scam that first popped up in 2016 and has resurfaced for one more time in December 2019.

The Ad

Social media users from all around the users have reported that they noticed the so-called WhatsApp Gold app be available, allegedly for a “limited” time.

If you see an ad for WhatsApp Gold, ignore it, regardless of how tempting it looks!

The official messaging app is green, and it won’t be changed to gold or silver anytime soon. Also, WhatsApp Plus is another cheap imitation made to mess with your phone.

The Message

The app uses a simple yet convincing message to promote itself (wherever it can):

“Hey Finally Secret WhatsApp golden version has been leaked, this version is used only by big celebrities. Now we can use it too.”

Contacting The Virus

Unlucky users receive an “exclusive” invitation o download WhatsApp Gold via a link.

The malicious app then steals the user’s information from their device, according to Snopes, a fact-checking firm.

How To Avoid Infecting Your Phone

First of all, if your phone gets infected (you install the app), there is nothing and nobody to help you. At that point, your phone and data are compromised.

Follow these rules to stay safe:

  • Ignore any message that requests a download via a link.
  • Never download apps that are sent in messages. Only use official app stores like Google Play or Apple AppStore.


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