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Bitdefender vs. Sophos Home – Which Ones Does it Better?

Even though Windows 10 is equipped with a pre-installed antivirus, this is not the best one available on the market. The top two choices are Bitdefender and Sophos Home. Both antiviruses are renowned for the plethora of features that they offer, and more importantly, for their high level of security. The question that is sitting on everyone’s mind right now is who does it better? Is it Bitdefender or Sophos Home? With that said, let’s go ahead and pin them against each other in order to find out which one comes out on top.


What makes Bitdefender stand out from all other antiviruses is the fact that Bitdefender does much more than protect users from malware and similar problems. Bitdefender is equipped with lots of useful features that are going to make users feel safer than ever when they are browsing the web or installing apps on their devices. For example, Bitdefender ships with a feature called “Bitdefender Safepay”. This is an isolated web browser. On the downside of things, Bitdefender charges quite a hefty price for its premium features.

Sophos Home

Right from the start, we want to mention that Sophos Home is free. Sophos Home offers a free plan that offers web monitoring and parental controls. Not just that, but Sophos Home also gives users access to remote management tools that will prove to be quite useful at times. Additionally, Sophos Home screens all USB devices and asks the user for permission to connect. This feature will keep you safe from unwanted malware and USB devices that can copy data without asking for permission first.

The Verdict

From the of it, Bitdefender is the one which comes out on top with all the premium features that it offers. However, Bitdefender is expensive and this is why Sophos Home is more than likely going to win the popularity vote. In conclusion, we are advising everyone to pay the extra dollar and pick Bitdefender because it will be worth it in the long run.



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