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Blue and Yellow Light: Which is the Best for Night Sleep?

New research demonstrated a while ago that artificial lights generated by the digital devices’ screens make it harder for people to fall asleep and keeps them awake at night​. However, some experts do not agree and claim that this is actually not the main reason for sleepless nights.

Scientists that performed the a new study at Manchester University say that the blue light coming from the devices is actually not the main issue. While conducting the research, they subjected mice to the different colored lights and observed the effects it had on them.

As per the research team, the main reason is found behind how warm and bright light. The team of scientists believes that exposure to artificial light during nighttime destroys the natural sleep cycle because the body automatically adjusts with the conditions, and therefore we remain active during the day and feel sleepy at night.

Researchers suggested that the blue light generated from the screens of the devices and gadgets has a specifically strong negative impact on the eyes and the body and disturbs the natural sleep pattern in human beings.

The Difference Between Yellow and Blue Light

During the experiments, the scientists changed the brightness from high to medium to low and also adjusted the color of the light from blue to yellow. The bright light of both nuances was challenging and damaging for the eyes, as previously believed.

However, when the light volume was decreased, the blue light was more soothing to the eyes than the yellow light.

The senior researcher Dr. Tim Brown said that this is precisely what happens in nature. Throughout the daytime, the color of the light is mainly yellow, and therefore we are more active. During the evening and night time, after the sun sets, the color changes to blue.

Therefore, if you don’t want to affect your eyes and fall asleep during the night negatively, make the light as fade as possible and turn it into blue. However, if you want to stay active and awake, then use white or yellow light.



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