Boeing Starliner On The Inside — New Video Revealed More Details

Boeing has been working on CST-100 Starliner ever since 2014; however, on the 20th of December 2019, it successfully passed an uncrewed flight test. They are part of the NASA’s Commercial Crew Development (CCDev) program and have the mission to deliver cargo and crew astronauts to the the International Space Station (ISS). The space capsule capable of carrying up to seven astronauts.

The Flight Test

Although the Starliner could not dock with the ISS as initially planned due to an error, it safely managed to get back on Earth. The designated Calypso Starliner landed near the White Sands, New Mexico, making it the first-ever crew capsule to land in the US.

It would have been sad if this fantastic achievement was not recorded and shared with the world. And that is precisely why Boeing released a highlight reel of footage on the internet. The footage was taken inside the Calypso during the flight test.

Video Details the Inside of Boeing Starliner

Boeing’s video shows what astronauts and the space tourists, humans traveling to space for recreational purposes, will experience seeing from the window of the crew capsule. The test dummy strapped into the seat, and a Snoopy doll dressed an astronaut can also be seen inside the Starliner. The video also recorded the moment of an elapsed timing error.

Due to the timing error, the space capsule missed its planned orbit insertion. While re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere on the 22nd of December, the footage shows the formation of a hot plasma tail. Before it successfully touches the ground, the deployment of the spacecraft’s four main chutes can be observed.

As the footage reveals, the Starliner flight test performance was a successful outcome. The crew capsule is spaceworthy even though it missed its timing docking the ISS. We are pretty sure that the Starliner will run another flight test after all errors are fixed.

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