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Boston Dynamics markets its robot dog, Spot

Spot, Boston Dynamics’ quadruped robot, which has toured the web several times in various viral videos, is now available for rent to companies that want to test it and help develop its skills.

In recent years, we have seen Spot dancing, opening doors and even pulling a truck, but now is the time to test its capabilities in the real world.

It is unclear for the moment what tasks he will perform, because finding him cases of use is the purpose of the rental program.

Companies with innovative ideas for Spot can fill out a form on the Boston Dynamics website, and only the most interesting companies will have the privilege of using the robot.

Renting it will cost about the same price as a car , according to Boston Dynamics Vice President of Business Development Michael Perry.

The company says it already works with Cirque du Soleil, which wants to evaluate the usefulness of Spot on stage.

A versatile robot

Spot can carry loads weighing up to 14 kg on his back, get up when he falls and work at temperatures between -20 and 45 degrees Celsius. It has a range of 90 minutes and its maximum speed is 4.8 km/h.

The robot can move according to the instructions given to it, avoid obstacles and maintain its balance in extreme circumstances. It is also water resistant, which makes it a versatile work tool.

Up to four modules can be connected to his back for different tasks. You can, for example, connect a camera, a clamp or an antenna that can communicate with him over longer distances.

Beyond receiving orders, Spot is not designed to interact with humans. Boston Dynamics therefore wants it to serve in controlled environments, which explains their decision to offer it only to businesses for now.



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