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Both PS5 and Xbox Series X Could Use AMD’s Architecture for Advanced Graphics

AMD has recently announced a lot of details regarding the CPU and GPU front at its Financial Analyst Day, and among all the major PC reveals, the company hinted that the upcoming PlayStation 5 might use its next-generation RDNA 2 technology.

We already know that Microsoft‘s Xbox Series X will utilize an RDNA 2-based GPU. Also, as reported by Wccftech, David Wang from the Radeon Technology Group suggested during the Analyst Day that the technology could be used in Sony‘s upcoming console as well.

Wang said: “We have developed an all-new hardware-accelerated ray tracing architecture as part of RDNA 2. It is a common architecture used in the next-generation game consoles. With that, you will greatly simplify the content development – developers can develop on one platform and easily port it to the other platform. This will definitely help speed up the adoption [of ray tracing].”

It is worth mentioning that Wang has used the plural of ‘consoles,’ which suggests that the next-generation PlayStation will also use AMD’s RDNA 2 build.

Port From One Platform to the Other

The fact that Wang mentioned porting from one platform to the other, probably meaning across both consoles, considering the context of the statement, further supports the idea of the PlayStation 5 using RDNA 2 for its GPU.

Even though we still have to hear the official confirmation, as this is just a hint, if you will, but not an announcement. Unlike Microsoft, Sony has not yet confirmed the exact implementation of hardware-accelerated ray tracing it will utilize with its upcoming PS5, which has birthed a lot of rumors and speculations in many corners of the Internet.

However, we do know for sure that both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will support ray-tracing graphics. It is just a matter of the way that support will be implemented in the PS5’s case.



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