Brawl Stars Connection Issue – What To Do?

The Brawl Stars Pass got released recently, and a considerable number of players tried connecting to the game’s servers, which led to a wave of connection errors that ultimately rendered some devices incapable of logging in at all.

If that problem happened to you too, worry not, for you’re not the only one in that situation.

A service called Downdetector displays the current status of various websites and game servers, including Brawl Stars.

Downdetector reports a vast number of people to experience the same connection problem.

Reason For The Error

The connection error typically manifests because of two main reasons:

There are either too many people trying to connect to the servers at the same time, or there is ongoing maintenance. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to communicate in either of the situations. Too many players mean that the servers can’t handle a new connection (your device), and maintenance means that the developers have disabled the connection altogether.

Sometimes, even if maintenance is over, it takes a bit of time for everything to get up and running normally.

Usually, such errors manifest after updates and are normal, so there is no reason you should be concerned. However, you have to be patient, though such issues get fixed in a matter of hours.

The Brawl Pass

The new Brawl Pass will be available for a full season and will include a premium tier and a free tier. The Brawl Pass is officially called “Taras’s Bazaar,” and it will feature all sorts of unlockable rewards. However, anything that you don’t unlock by the season’s end remains lost.

The premium tier can be accessed for 170 gems, or $9.99, and will grant players plenty of amazing rewards.

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