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I’m Gaming for 48 Hours Straight This Weekend Thanks to Brice Capital

It’s a slight exaggeration to say that I’ve forsaken sleep for gaming. But I wanted to drive home the point that when it comes to the PS5—and, of course, the PS5 Digital Edition—play appears to have no limits.  

We’re talking about a lightning-fast loading speed. We’re talking about a total immersion experience. And we’re talking about a brand-spanking new generation of fantastic PlayStation games. 

How did I get to this remarkable new place in life where I have the leisure to do what I love and the money to get the best of the best when it comes to gaming? Here’s how it all unfolded…

Repaying My Growing Credit Card Debt 

Credit card debt has a way of sneaking up on you. Since all you have to do to buy something with a credit card is to swipe it at a cash register, it doesn’t really feel as if you’re spending money. In fact, it often feels like the store is just letting you walk away with their high-end merchandise.  

Of course, when you first get your bill, the reality of what you did sinks in, but not as much as it should because all you have to do is pay the minimum balance and not the whole thing.  

My flippant attitude towards spending lost its charm when I received more and more credit card bills every month. When I finally reached a point where there were more bills than money to pay them, I got calls from collection agencies and demanding letters in the mail. 

Scared, I accepted overtime work at my job at the deli, but even this wasn’t enough for me to pay my bills every month because most of my money was now going towards trying to catch up on my growing credit card debt. Then I had to get a second job as a night shift worker at a grocery store.

Things appeared hopeless until I found Brice Capital, a company that changed my life. Here’s how I found out about them.

Working two jobs day after day and week after week exhausted me, but I didn’t know what to do about it. Then something unexpected happened. Judy, the deli manager, called me in to ask me why I had shown up late for my shifts. I told her the whole story, and instead of firing me, she suggested, I consolidate my loans

After Googling “loan consolidation,” I came across Brice Capital. This company offered credit card debt consolidation loans. The application process was fairly straightforward, and I received the money I needed to pay off all my credit cards in one go. This left me with a single affordable monthly payment to repay the loan. 

Cracking the Money Code

One day it occurred to me that although I had paid down my debt, I was still clinging to the security of working two jobs. What could I do to earn surplus money so that I could get back to gaming rather than literally working day and night? 

I posed the question on a Reddit forum where I would hang out with other gamers. Most of the people poked fun at me, and a thread played on the theme that I would become a zombie… but one person answered my question, suggesting an idea that stunned me. Another contributor suggested I use the money I was making from my second job to sign up for an online coding boot camp that she had used to become so good at coding that Google hired her. 

I did exactly what she had suggested. I saved my second paycheck, signed up for the expensive online course, and quit my second job to free up my time. I worked hard to complete the course, and then I found plenty of high-paying work on developer job boards and gradually earned so much that it was now costing me money to work at the deli. Judy actually appeared sad when I quit.  

A Happy Ending 

That’s how I did it, and how you can do it, too, putting credit card debt behind you once and for all. I’m finally doing what once seemed impossible. And my life now is a far cry from those days when I had to work two jobs, back to back, to catch up on my growing credit card debt.



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