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BrickLink Takeover: Is Lego Going to Change the Prices?

BrickLink has been the best-kept secret in the entire Legoland, and it’s been 20 years now. However, superfans were able to find the missing pieces and trade Minifigures for a lot of money.

The world’s largest online community meant for adult brick fans is called AFOLs [adult fan of Lego]. Its nickname is CrackLink, and it’s quite crucial for the customers of the biggest toy company out there. However, last month’s online forums went crazy after the Danish toymaker had taken over the site. This was a chance for them to see the passionate fanbase. And how much money it can earn.

By giving away the deal, for an unknown sun, Lego was accused of “muscling in” the fans. The concerned fans stated that this entire thing could actually lead to higher brick prices. There were 600m listings, and elements tend to be 10-20p cheaper on BrickLink than on Lego’s service.

The editor of the site, Adam White, stated that the reaction of fans showed negativism. And it is all because t BrickLink was an independent platform. Of course, Lego has its own purpose in the ordering services, and it also sets the prices, the range is not as big as believed. People keep asking themselves: are the prices going to get higher? Lego is definitely not a bad company, but people believe that things will change from now on.

The company is on every child’s Christmas list. And they sure made a lot of money, with models inspired by TV shows – Friends and Stranger Things. The company also released a book called Build Yourself Happy: The Joy of Lego Play.

John Lewis stated that the sales of the premium sets (those with the 6000-piece Taj Mahal) rose with up to 25%.



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