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Buy and Install Minecraft on your Gaming Devices with these handy tips

Social distancing rules have kept lots of people at home in recent weeks. Many have decided to play pone of the most popular titles of the previous decade, which is fun for people of all ages: Minecraft.

The game is available on a large number for platforms, but in some cases, it can be a bit complicated to find the right version for you. Follow the tips found below to enjoy Minecraft on your devices as soon as possible.

Minecraft on PC

PC owners have access to two versions of the game. The Windows 10 edition can be purchased from the Microsoft Store, and it comes with some additional bells and whistles in comparison to the earlier counterpart.

However, the Java Edition remains popular for the ability to use some exclusive and vintage mods, and it can be found on Amazon or purchased from the official website.

Most popular consoles

Cross-play will ensure that you can have fun with other friends who own the game on consoles regardless of the model. Those who own the Windows 10 version can also enjoy the title with friends who own the console version. You can buy a digital copy from the storefront of your choice or acquire a redeemable code from Amazon.

PlayStation 4 – PlayStation Store

Xbox One – Xbox Shop or GameStop

Nintendo Switch – eShop or Amazon

Included in the Xbox Game Pass


If you have an active Game Pass or an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, you can play the game on the Xbox One and PC at no additional costs. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate also combines the perks form Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass in a single subscription

On mobile devices

Minecraft is also playable on a large number of smartphones and tablets. It can be found on the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, or Amazon.

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