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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Upgrade Will Not Be Free and Fans Are Mad

According to some leaked files on the internet about Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, the plans of Activision to make users pay for the upgrade are true. The game started its popularity even before it was officially announced. Then, fans got a teaser, and the full reveal set is supposed to arrive on the 26th of August.

The arrival of the next-gen consoles is quite a complicated thing for many developers. No one wants a new game to arrive on old consoles right when people start buying new ones. Many games are waiting for a release on both generations of consoles. The transition might be challenging, especially from the marketing point of view. Many of the games will come with free upgrades, which means that players who buy games on Xbox One or PS4 can switch to Xbox Series X and PS5 anything, without losing their progress. Games like Control are not offering their players the upgrade for free.

Another game like Control is Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. There will be three different versions of the game, which will be available for pre-order. We’re having the standard edition, the ultimate edition, and the Cross-Gen Bundle. This bundle shows that players who got the game before the appearance of the next-gen will be stuck with the old consoles. They will need to pay some extra money for the upgrade. But given the fact this is a leak, we don’t have the full information.

Call of Duty fans are not happy. It comes as a shallow move from both the publisher and Activision if we are to compare their move to all of the other amazing games which are offering the upgrade for free. We might also have problems with the multiplayer mode of the game. We’re not sure how they’re going to handle online multiplayer between generations. Given the situation with the upgrade, the multiplayer experience might be a huge disappointment.






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