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Call of Duty Mobile — Best Changes That Come With the New Update

The new update for Call of Duty Mobile is all we are waiting for these days. The internet cannot stop thinking and talking about it. We will still have to wait a bit for the Season 3 update of Call of Duty Mobile. Before of all of that happens, we are here to tell you which are the best significant changes that will take place in this game with the new update.

What’s new in the latest Call of Duty Mobile update?

We get new things for the Battle Royale mode

Ever since the release of the mobile version, the Battle Royale mode received a lot of enhancements with the updates. In the update with the Season 3, there will be a lot of additions for the Battle Royale mode. There are a new secret map and a two-wheel bike for starters.

The Rewards will be reduced

We get the Battle Pass rewards reduced. From the moment the update hits the market, the Battle Pass rewards level will be significantly reduced to 50. Up until now, the battle pass came with 100 levels. However, in the future update, players will only be able to complete missions until the 50th level. But the good news is that players will get multiple rewards for every level.

Brand new items in the credit store

We get a Credit Store update. With the Season 3 update, there will appear many new items in the credit store. The default skin – ICR-1, and Trickster will be sold in the Credit Store. But you will not be able to buy them through Credit Points. You will need to spend some of your bucks on these ones.

About Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile is a popular game on Android and iOS. Its Battle Royale mode, even though not as popular as PUBG Mobile’s one, is still fun to play. The game is available on Google Play Store and App Store.



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