Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Double XP for Loving Fans

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is now out and available with Double XP bonuses. All the platforms got an update today, which comes with Double XP rewards for the shooter. The game will be updated constantly this week because developers are trying to balance the current gameplay that’s available online. Fans all over the world are saying what’s on their mind, and apparently there are some issues that need to be taken care of.

While they’re fixing these bugs, Infinity Ward has decided to launch the first bonuses, which will help fans level up. Starting with today, Double XP rewards are here for Call of Duty Modern Warfare on Xbox One, PC and PS4. But keep in mind that the award is only available for a limited amount of time – on the 28th of October, on Monday, they will be shut down.

The team behind the game has posted a message for fans, with regards to the XP launch. They encourage you to get your squad and level up while there’s the 2XP flash event, which goes live today from 12 PM PST to 5 PM PST. You’ll get both 2XP and 2XP Weapon XP in Modern Warfare. They also said they would give more attention to the user interface so that the XP can be shown clearly on the screen. Apparently, there’s been some confusion: fans were not sure what kind of X2 XP was available during the event.

For those of you from the UK, Double XP in this game should be available until midnight, the 28th of October. And besides this update, there is more coming for Modern Warfare in the future.

The team behind the game said that they were happy to receive people’s thoughts and feedback, thanking the fans for choosing to play Modern Warfare: “this is your game just as much as it is ours, so we can’t thank you enough for hopping online with us.”



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